Add / Update Billing Information

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Change billing address

When you create an organisation within Katapult you are asked to provide a billing address for use with any added payment cards. On occasion it may become necessary to change that billing address and that can be done by following these steps:

  1. Select Billing -> Billing Details from the sidebar
  2. Change your billing address as required
  3. Click the Save button

Your billing address has now been modified and will be used with any future card payments.

Wanting to use a one-off billing address?
It is possible to provide a different billing address for an individual payment at the time any manual payment is made.

Add a payment card

  1. Select Billings -> Payment cards from the sidebar
  2. Click the Add a payment card button
  3. Provide the details of the card you wish to add
  4. Click the Add payment card button

The card will now be added to your account. If it is the sole card on account it will be used as the default billing card.

Due Invoices?
If you have due invoices we will attempt to collect payment on the new card.

Remove a payment card

You can only remove payment cards from your account should they not be the default payment method. This will requires your account to have more than one card stored on file such that you can set a different card as the default payment method.