Organisations, Users & Roles


An Organisation within Katapult represents a real-world organisation which makes use of Katapult services. An Organisation can have one or more User assigned to it with each User being assigned a given Role. It is also possible for an Organisation to belong to or be the owner of other Organisations, permitting the management of child Organisations from within the console of the parent Organisation.


A User on Katapult is anybody who possess an account to login to the Katapult console. A User need not be affiliated with any Organisation and can make use of Katapult services in their own name should they wish. However, a User can belong to one or more Organisation and have access to those Organisations respective Katapult accounts. Access credentials remain unique to the User themselves and not the Organisation which removes the need for several different login credentials should a User work with multiple organisations. Adding a user to your Organisation will ask them to create a Katapult account should they not already have one.


A Role is a set of permissions within the Katapult system to which you can then assign one or more User. An Organisation can have one or more Roles. A User can only belong to one Role per Organisation. For example, you might wish to create a role called Accounts to which permits access to solely the Billing tab in the Katapult console before then assigning Users from your Accounts team to that Role.