Create A Load Balancer

Initial Steps

To create a new load balancer:

  1. Click Networking -> Load balancers from the left sidebar
  2. Click the Add new load balancer button.
  3. For the Data Center field, choose where you'd like us to locate this load balancer. Note that despite your selection you can still send balanced traffic to virtual machines in any of our data centers.
  4. Give the load balancer a name.
  5. Select the target type. You can choose to route traffic to individual virtual machines, virtual machines within specific groups or those with given tags.
  6. After choosing a target type, select the appropriate target resource.
  7. Choose whether you wish to automatically redirect non-HTTP requests to their HTTPs equivalent. Enabling this is necessary when issuing certificates to HTTPS-only load balancers.
  8. Once happy, click the Create new load balancer button.

Further Guides

To learn how to create rules for your load balancer please review the 'Manage Rules' guide.