Assign/Unassign Shared Disk

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Assign shared disk to a virtual machine

  1. Click Storage -> Shared disks from the left sidebar
  2. Click the disk you wish to assign to a virtual machine
  3. Select Assign to virtual machine from the Actions sidebar
  4. Choose the virtual machine and whether you wish to attach/mount the disk immediately.
  5. Click the Assign button

The disk will then be assigned to the virtual machine selected. This will be confirmed by virtual machine you selected appearing within the shared disk's Associated virtual machines table, alongside the current attachment status.

Attaching the disk at a later time:
If you opted to not attach the shared disk to the machine you can do so later with the steps outlined in the attach shared disk to a virtual machine how-to guide.

Unassign shared disk from a virtual machine

Have you detached the disk?
You must detached the shared disk from the virtual machine prior to completing these steps.

Follow the below steps to unassign a shared disk from a given virtual machine. This will prevent the disk from being attached to the machine in question.

  1. Select Compute -> Virtual machines from the left sidebar
  2. Select the virtual machine which you wish to unassign the shared disk from
  3. Select Disks -> Shared disks from the navbar
  4. Click the name of the shared disk you wish to unassign
  5. Click Remove from virtual machine in the Actions sidebar
  6. Confirm the action

The shared disk will then be unassigned from the virtual machine.