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Virtual machine networking overview

Within the Katapult Console you have the ability to manage the network interfaces and assigned IP addresses on a given virtual machine. To manage networking more widely, as in not specific to an individual virtual machine, refer to the general and non-virtual machine specific networking how-to guides.

Types of network

Public Network

The public network will provide your virtual machine access to the internet.

Virtual Network

A virtual network is a network created by you to which only elected virtual machines have access and a virtual machine can have access to one or more virtual networks. For example, you could create a wider VLAN for all of your organisations machines and then a separate VLAN for just one or two machines to communciate. For more information and to learn how to define virtual networks, refer to the Virtual Networks how-to guide.

Managing networks

Refer to the virtual machine network how-to guides below for more information on managing networks within a virtual machine.