Using SMS


If you have lost access to your 2FA devices it is possible to recover your account using the mobile phone linked to your account. To recover your account you will need to know your password too, so if you have also forgotten your password then please contact our support team.

  1. Visit the Katapult Console login screen
  2. Enter your account email address and password
  3. Click the login here link in the Lost your device? section
  4. Click the Send me an SMS button. The first step of the recovery process will then see a confirmation code emailed to the email address associated with your account.
  5. Enter the code you were emailed and click the Recover button. You will now be text a recovery code to the mobile number linked to your account.
  6. Enter the code you were sent via SMS and click the Recover button

If both the emailed code and SMS code are correct then you will be signed into your account and taken to the 2FA settings page. The 2FA recovery process effectively removes all of your 2FA devices. The absence of any two factor devices can also see your access to any Katapult Organisations enforcing 2FA revoked. To regain access to those accounts you will need to first enable 2FA on your account once more, before then seeking an invitation from an administrator of the organisation in question.

Still need help?

If you still require help with your account then please contact our support team.