No bootable device


The Web Console displays a no bootable device found message.


The no bootable device message is a BIOS related error outlining that a system disk containing an operating system or an ISO containing operating system installation media could not be found.


The fix for this depends on your intention, as below.

I wish to boot from an ISO

To boot from an ISO on your virtual machine you must first have uploaded the ISO file to Katapult and subsequently attached the ISO to the virtual machine in question. The steps for doing so are outlined in the ISO how-to guide.

Once you have attached an ISO image the virtual machine's BIOS will automatically boot from the ISO on start-up. If you have attached the ISO to the machine and are seeing this error within the Web Console then you can either:

  1. Click the "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" button within the Web Console to attempt rebooting from the ISO image; or
  2. Reboot the machine

I wish to boot from an operating system installed on a system disk

This error could be caused because the virtual machine has lost the disk in question as it's boot media. Firstly we would advise you to attempt Rebooting the machine. If you are still unable to boot the machine at this point then it is worth checking the system disk containing the operating system is set as the boot media, as follows:

  1. Select Compute -> Virtual Machines from the left sidebar
  2. Select the virtual machine having the problem
  3. From overview page select Disks -> System disks from the menu below the virtual machines hostname.
  4. Click the name of the disk that should be used as the boot disk
  5. In the Disk details section check to see if Boot from disk? is displaying Yes. If No is shown here then you clicking (make boot disk?) will rectify this.

You can the attempt to start/reboot the machine once more and the virtual machine should then boot using your desired system disk.

Further support

If after attempting the above fix you are still having issues, or if your believe your problem is unrelated, then please get in touch with our support team and we can look into things for you.