Install an OS

Before We Begin

The Katapult OS installation wizard will only permit the installation of operating systems from pre-approved templates; or from a disk template you have created out of an existing virtual machine's snapshot. If you wish to install a separate operating system then you will need to:

  1. Create a virtual machine without a template
  2. Upload a Custom ISO containing your operating system installation media.
  3. Attach the Custom ISO to your empty virtual machine.
  4. Start the virtual machine and run the installation process.

Katapult OS templates change from time to time as and when new versions of operating systems are made available and have been tested on Katapult infrastructure.


To install an operating system from one of our templates, follow these steps:

  1. Select Compute -> Virtual Machines from the left sidebar
  2. Select the virtual machine which contains the disk you wish to use for the installation
  3. From overview page select Disks -> System disks from the menu below the virtual machines hostname.
  4. Click the name of the disk you wish to install an OS onto
  5. Select Install an operating system from the right sidebar
  6. Select the Install button next to the operating system or disk template you wish to install onto the disk.
  7. Complete the installation form with the requested details, i.e. root password.
  8. Click the Install button. The installation will now be queued.

You can track the progress of the installation in the virtual machine tasks list.

Make the new disk the boot disk

If you wish to make the new disk the default boot disk refer to the change default boot disk help guide.